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This rug shows the spirit of their golden age. Similar patterns have been found in simplified form in the past. The similar but simplified pattern rug is in the catalogue of the special exhibition "Ako Dantsu" (2003, Ako City Museum of Arts and Crafts, Tabuchi Memorial Hall). This may be probably the original one.

The ground pattern with a different color at each glance, the stripes between the two outer lines, etc. You can see that it was made with great skill and effort. The workshop that made this border pattern has left behind many other unique and excellent rugs. According to a curator at the Ako City Museum of History, this may have been made at the end of the Meiji era and the beginning of the Taisho era, when the industry of "Ako Dantsu" was at its peak. This is one of the masterpieces of Ako Dantsu.

"Shangri-la" Ako Dantsu / First quarter 20th. /  Ako city, Hyogo, Japan / cotton, indigo and natural dye Size:93.5cm×186.5cm Price: sold

Condition: There are several little brown stain.

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