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9.Kani Botan (Peony like Crab claws)


"Kani Botan"(Peony like Crab claws) is one of the representative patterns of Japanese rugs. It is thought to have originated in Nabeshima, in Saga prefecture, but it has also been made in Ako as a standard pattern for a long time. It is often seen in Kyoto and other places where it is still in use today.

The details of the design vary depending on the era and the workshop, and it may be the pattern with the greatest variation. This rug has a thin border with a thunderbolt pattern and large, dynamic peony leaves.The colors are calm, and both dark green and dark blue are dyed in good, deep colors. The paste remains firmly and the texture is taut.

Although it is a large pattern, it fits in with both Japanese and Western style, and I feel the profoundness of the classic pattern. Personally, I wasn't attracted by this pattern at first, but looking at hundreds of rug, I realized that "Kani botan" rugs are very good. 

”Kani Botan (Green)”

Ako Dantsu / First half 20th. /  Ako city, Hyogo, Japan / cotton, indigo and natural dye

Size: 92.5 cm x 187 cm

Price: SOLD

Condition: there are a few areas where weft breaks are being repaired. The surface is not affected and there is no problem for normal use.

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