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13.Kikujuji Hanabishi (Botanical Arrows)


Rhombus, chrysanthemum, lotus, young leaves, arrows, and thunderbolt pattern, combined with plants and geometric patterns, which are unique to Ako Dantsu.

Arrows are an unusual design for carpets, I think. Does it express the power of young leaves sprouting up?

The dark indigo and vivid light blue shine on the yellowish light brown ground.

"Kikujuji Hanabishi"

Ako Dantsu / First quarter 20th century /  Ako city, Hyogo, Japan / cotton, indigo and natural dye

Size: 93 cm x 189.5 cm

Price: 150,000 yen + tax

Condition: There is a slight unevenness of color in the light brown of the ground.

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