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This is the only one made with chemical dyes among the rugs selected this time.

Sakai Dantsu in Osaka has been using chemical dyes since the Meiji era (late 19th century), but in Ako, chemical dyes were slow to spread and indigo-dyeing and plant-dyeing by the master were the mainstream until the Showa era (Second quarter 20th century).

This rug was made by copying Chinese rugs in the early Showa era. The six circles on the field are the symbol for longevity. Although small, there are four bats around it. The border pattern is probably a dragon. This is a simply designed rug with a festive pattern.


Ako Dantsu / Second quarter 20th. /  Ako city, Hyogo, Japan / cotton,  chemical dye

Size: 94cm x 188.5cm

Price: sold

Condition: There is a 1.5 cm stain on the edge and it is slightly dented.

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