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15.Ami Riken (Net and Sword)


"Ami Riken" (Net and Sword) is a typical pattern of Ako Dantsu. The Riken sword purges evil spirits, the net catches happiness, and the edge is an arrow feather. It has a meaning appropriate for an entrance or special place. During the Gion Festival in Kyoto, you'll see them laid out and used in town houses. The Ako Dantsu I saw for the first time was this, and I didn't know they made this stuff in Japan 100 years ago! I was shocked. It seems to have been made in a variety of colors over the years as a classic pattern, but this color scheme with light blue medallions is the basic form. Slightly darker color is A and lighter color is B.

"Ami Riken" Ako Dantsu / First quarter 20th century /  Ako city, Hyogo, Japan / cotton, indigo and natural dye Size: 94.5 cm x 188.5 cm (both A and B) Price: sold

The left side is A and the right side is B. The detail design and size are the same, but the color is different.

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