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16.Kotohajime (For New Year Ceremony)


Simple colors, powerful arabesque patterns, and It has a dignified and dignified atmosphere that only a Japanese rug can produce. The swastika pattern on the edge of the rug is expressed in shades of indigo, and the shearing technique is excellent.You'll be fascinated by the string of straight lines. At the classical new year ceremony in Kyoto, rugs of the same pattern are rolled out and shown on TV every year. So, many people seem to remember this pattern when talking about Japanese Dantsu. This pattern is common to the "Nabeshima Dantsu" rug in Saga Prefecture.


Ako Dantsu / First quarter 20th century /  Ako city, Hyogo, Japan / cotton, indigo and natural dye

Size: 92cm x 188cm.

Price: sold

Condition: The ground beige color on one side is slightly darker than the other.

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