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18.Hana Kanmuri (Garland)


This rug is characterized by their smooth curve lines, with Art Nouveau influence. It's not the standard pattern, but something very unusual. It is an elegant plant pattern, but the color tone is different from No.4, maybe different factory made this.

The brown color was dyed by the master of the factory using familiar plants such as mountain peaches, chestnuts, and greenalder. The characteristics of the factory are evident in the colors of the rugs.

Considering the quality of the threads and the popularity of the Art Nouveau style, I'm guessing it was made in the early Taisho era(First quarter 20th century). Slightly stiff to the touch, thick and tightly woven.


Ako Dantsu / First quarter 20th. /  Ako city, Hyogo, Japan / cotton, indigo and natural dye

Size: 93 cm x 190.5 cm

Price: sold

Condition: Condition: About a third of one side is made of a different lot of yarn and has a streaky, uneven color.

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