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24.Ako Gabbeh


This is a small cotton rug named "Ako Gabbeh".

For the user, What is easy to use and accessible in your life today.

For the weaver, Something that is easier to start, easier to weave, and easier to keep going for years.

With this in mind, several Ako Dantsu weavers began to make this product. Only a few new works are made by skilled weavers and only one new work per year by those who are also engaged in other businesses. We can only produce a very small number of products. There are only a few of us who make, use, or even see them.

I have met many people who have said to me, "I would like to try rug weaving," but I realized that it takes years to learn the skill, and there is no employment for those who have acquired the skill. The fact that you need a work room for a loom bigger than a grand piano, etc. Now that there are no factories like there used to be, it is a difficult job for an individual.

We want to spread that there is a culture of rug weaving using cotton yarn here in Ako, and respond to people's desire to weave. It is with this mission that Ako Gabbeh was born. In addition to our rug weavers, several students are now working hard on this project. We hope you will be interested in this small project.

These small rugs are available for sale on the Ako Gabeeh website.

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